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Anyone who owns property – whether commercial, municipal or private has a duty to ensure that persons entering his or her premises are safe to a reasonable degree. If you have been injured by a trip or fall in a private or public area, you may be eligible to advance a claim under the Occupier’s Liability Act. Let our trip and fall lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether the injury occurred on a municipal, commercial, or residential property, it is the property owner’s duty to ensure that the premises is maintained, safe, and secure for all individuals who enter the premises. If you have sustained an injury or injuries on someone else’s property due to unsafe and/or dangerous conditions, the property owner could be liable for your injuries.

Trip and fall accidents are not pleasant and can often times result in an injury or injuries as a result of falling down due to unsafe conditions. Some of these unsafe conditions include icy or snowy surfaces, uneven walking surfaces, poor lighting, worn or torn carpeting, broken or dysfunctional stair cases, broken flooring, broken sidewalks, broken steps and more as entailed in the Occupier’s Liability Act. However, there are time limits that you need to be aware of before submitting a claim so calling a trip and fall lawyer following an accident can help increase your chances of advancing a trip and fall claim.

There are hundreds of different scenarios in which someone can sustain injuries and be eligible for compensation. Luckily, SBMB Law’s trip and fall lawyers are highly experienced in processing trip and fall claims. SBMB Law has helped numerous clients settle hundreds of different trip and fall claims in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Newmarket and surrounding areas.

SBMB Law specializes in excellent client service and communication. When you call the SBMB Law office, you will be able to speak directly with one of our trip and fall lawyers. Our trip and fall lawyers are residence specialists who are located across Ontario and offer free consultations. We also keep our clients well informed for every step of the process. SBMB Law has trustworthy and experience trip and fall lawyers, which is why residents of Ontario rely on our services to get help them get the funds they deserve.

It can sometimes be overwhelming to know how to proceed after a sustained injury due to a trip and fall. That is why the SBMB Law team is here to ensure that you know all of your options and rights.

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