If you are buying

We promise to:

  • Discuss with you the appropriate way of taking title
  • Communicate with you, the Seller’s lawyer and your mortgage company  in preparation for the closing
  • Conduct searches that are required to ensure you will receive good title to the property you are buying.
  • Arrange for title insurance to better protect your investment
  • Review you adjustments to ensure you are paying only proper charges
  • Prepare or review all documents required  for your closing
  • Meet with you to review and sign all required documents
  • Conduct the closing, register you as the owner of your property  and provide you with your keys
  • Provide you with a written report of your purchase

If you wish us to assist you please click on the link below or fill out the online form.

Web Info required if buying a house

Online Form

Have your agent forward a copy to the purchasing agreement to us.

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Will you have a mortgage on the property? YesNo

If yes, please instruct your bank to forward their mortgage instructions to us.

Will you have a secured line of credit on the property? YesNo

If yes, please instruct your bank to forward their instructions to us.

Arrange for the appropriate insurance coverage, it must name your mortgagee (if any) and have your insurance broker send us a letter setting out the details of your insurance.