George Siotas

George Siotas

George helps his clients level the playing field against insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for serious injury, disability or the wrongful death of a family member.  George is passionate about helping his clients get the excellent results they deserve.

For over a decade, George has devoted himself to helping victims of personal injury and wrongfully denied insurance claims. George has successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation for his clients, returning financial control to their lives.

George will help you obtain fair compensation:

If you have suffered serious injury or have lost a loved one as a result of negligence. This may be due to a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall, trip and fall, medical negligence, supervisory negligence (i.e. daycare, school or nursing home) or product defect. If you suffer from a disability and have been wrongfully denied long term disability benefits by your insurance company or CPP disability benefits by the government.

George has lectured on personal injury and insurance issues to personal injury lawyers and health care professionals.