Fire Loss Insurance Claims

Fire Loss Insurance Claims in Ontario

House fires or property fires are never an easy thing to deal with. In addition to being temporarily displaced, there are many items that are priceless that can never be replaced or be valued in the unfortunate event of a fire. At SBMB Law, our trusted insurance lawyers are experienced in advancing fire loss insurance claims and also dealing with the emotional burden that usually effects many individuals who have sustained a fire loss no matter how minor or major.

While most business and home owners purchase insurance as a form of protection in the event of substantial losses due to fires and other casualties – insurers may deny your claim to due waivers in the policy, clerical and administrative errors, arson charges or even misrepresentation. Whether you’re about to commence filing your fire loss insurance claim or your insurance claim has been denied – contact one of our lawyers today and let us help you get through the process with minimal stress.

From our experience, not all insurance companies make processing a fire loss insurance claim easy. In most instances, claimants are asked to provide initial statements and assessments immediately after a fire, at which point the full extent of the fire damages may not even be apparent.

There are many reasons to hire an insurance lawyer immediately after sustaining a house fire – especially when providing information to your insurance company regarding the fire. For example if not done correctly, initial information and assessment provided to the insurer may work against you. The insurance company may expeditiously determine that:

  • There was an intent to cause the fire to claim benefits
  • You made structural or functional changes to the property without informing your insurer – hence resulting in a denied claim
  • You provided inaccurate or misleading information on your initial application which can subsequently void the insurance policy entirely

We recommend keeping all receipts of household items in a location outside your house. With respect to jewelry or high valued items – we also recommend taking digital photos of these items so that if you do experience a fire, you will have copies of everything somewhere outside your house. These receipts and images can certainly help assist with your claim.

Experienced in Denied Fire Loss Insurance Claims

One of the great difficulties our clients have expressed when trying to file a fire loss insurance claim on their own, is getting through the legalese and endless legal jargon that every policy holder is faced with. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with your claim, makes the fire loss insurance claim process far more manageable especially when you’re having to deal with the emotional and physical stresses that accompany more fire loss victims.

At SBMB Law, our experienced legal team uses our in-depth knowledge of insurance law in processing your claim so you obtain the financial entitlement you deserve.

Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced legal professionals and let us help you with your fire loss insurance claim.

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