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In 2012 – Statistics Canada conducted a Survey on Disability in Canada. The report stated that an estimated 3.8 million Canadians reported limitations in their daily activities as a result of a disability. Some of these disabilities included pain, flexibility, mobility, mental/psychological, dexterity, hearing, seeing, memory, learning, development and more. Over a quarter of these individuals with disabilities were also classified as having a severe disability. With the prevalence of disability claims in Ontario and our many years of experience – SBMB Law can help you with your disability claim if you are looking for an experienced disability lawyer.

While disability policies are intended to offer protection and financial relief when you can no longer work as a result of an injury/illness – sometimes your insurance company may still deny your claim. If your disability benefits have been denied or terminated by your insurance company our disability lawyers can help. At SBMB Law, our lawyers have helped thousands of clients processing disability claims including long-term disability and/or partial disability claims. When processing disability claims for our clients – we’re looking to ensure that our clients receive the continuation of their benefits in a manner that is relatively stress free. Long Term Disability Insurance Policies are generally provided by your employer through a group plan or private plan.

Types of Disability Policies

Individual Disability Policies

Individual Disability policies are generally purchased privately by individuals seeking protection in the event of an unforeseen disability. While most private insurance policies have different payouts – many of them pay a monthly benefit.

Group Insurance – Short Term Disability (STD)

Short Term Disability (STD) insurance is insurance that will cover a momentary and short disability (anywhere from 4 months to one year). STD benefits are generally paid out by your employer however, the insurance company may oversee the claim and advise your employer on whether the benefits should be paid out

Group Insurance – Long Term Disability (LTD)

Individuals who are eligible for long term disability are paid out a monthly benefit to help cover expenses such as bills and medication. This type of insurance are intended to provide protection in the event of a disability or inability to work thus allowing for income replacement benefits.

Has your Disability Claim Been Denied?

Regardless of what type of disability insurance provider you are have – there are many common reasons why a disability claim may be denied. Some of these reasons include no objective evidence, a pre-existing condition, policy exclusions, contractual ineligibility or misrepresentation. Irrespective of the reason for your claim denial, it’s quite imperative that you speak with a disability lawyer when processing your claim.

Hiring disability lawyers to process a disability claim can help leverage your claim and also obtain your benefits expeditiously. Our experienced disability lawyers are known for their track record of success and client satisfaction – and act exclusively for disabled Plaintiffs.

If you’re looking highly experienced disability lawyers, contact our firm today and an experienced legal professional will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on the level of service and care we provide our clients. Our clients are always our first priority.

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