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Thousands of car accidents happen every year in Ontario, many of which cause injuries and deaths. A person may be found negligent (and therefore responsible) if it can be shown that they either did something that a reasonable person would not do or the failed to do something that a reasonable person would do, under the same or similar circumstances. In addition to who is at fault, car accidents can have devastating impacts on individuals and their families – including long term effects on your health and even long term disabilities.

Many car accidents are caused by:

  • careless or negligent drivers
  • unsafe or improperly constructed roadways
  • inadequate road signage
  • design or manufacturing defects
  • And more…

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident contact one of our car accident lawyers for a complete review of your case. Be aware that there are time limitations when filing a car accident claim – so the sooner you call a car accident lawyer Toronto, the better. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of insurance paperwork that needs to be completed accurately – and dealing with insurance claims adjusters during an emotionally charged time can be a lot to deal with. Luckily the car accident lawyers at SBMB Law can help you navigate through the endless legal jargon you need to get through in order to process your claim – in a stress free manner. At SBMB Law, our years of experience in processing car accident claims has allows us to act fast and thoroughly with insurance companies, ensuring that we get our clients the legal compensation they deserve.

The type of injury sustained as well as additional insurance purchased before the accident will affect the amount and types of benefits available to you. When you call us, you can speak directly to a car accident lawyer for a free consultation. Serving, Newmarket, Toronto, and Markham area, we work closely with you to give you specialized attention and maximize your benefits.

When circumstances require a reliable and expert car accident lawyer, Markham residents and others across Ontario come to SBMB Law. We’ll assess the situation and provide you with useful information—including the type and amount of benefits you’re entitled to and how to best secure them.

We are dedicated to providing the people of Ontario with trustworthy legal advice. That is why there is no initial cost to talk to a car accident lawyer. Toronto and York Region residents can count on our great track record and expert advice. Plus, you won’t have to pay until you collect. Call us today to learn more.

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